Who are we?

Month of Sundays Ltd is run by father and daughter team Stacey and Paul. Our purpose is to help you to record the moments that matter the most. 

The original idea for Month of Sundays was born my Nancy Underwood in 2018. Having enjoyed keeping a baby book up to her daughter's first birthday, Nancy could not find something similar to continue documenting the precious memories beyond the first year. Furthermore, Nancy was frustrated that such baby record books seemed designed for children, with garish colours and illustrations, when really they should have appealed to the parents.

I therefore Nancy created a Childhood Journal that would be the only record book a parent would ever need. Covering from pregnancy to a child's eighteenth birthday, our Journals provide prompts to make recording your child's life easy and enjoyable, as well as space to describe moments in more detail.


We have now also launched our new Travel Journals and Notebooks, to bring you more ways to record precious moments. All of our stationery is hand-bound in England and made of the highest quality British materials, meaning that it can be treasured for years to come.